GCCV: List of tasks and events
Date (click links for photos)TaskLocationVols + WBC staffComment
Sun 21 Dec 1997Cutting birch regrowthWestern end (1B)not recordedFirst task! Stumps not treated. Also collected lots of cut fencing wire.
Sun 22 Feb 1998Birch cuttingWestern end (1A)not recordedScalloping the edge of the wooded block.
Sun 22 Mar 1998Bird & bat box makingBuilding 616not recordedScrap/salvaged materials. Boxes not much good!
Sun 26 Apr 1998Installing dragon's teethVarious locations including outside Loxley Housenot recorded
Sun 24 May 1998Footpath drainage & surfacingWestern endnot recordedPossibly also put up the boxes made in March.
Fri 19 Jun 1998Nightjar countVarious locationsnot recorded
Sun 19 Jul 1998Besom broom makingWestern end (1A)not recorded
Sat 08 Aug 1998Footpath drainage & surfacingDrayton's Gully (1D)not recordedTwo days - Sat & Sun. With vols from Blackwater Valley Group.
Sun 18 Oct 1998Birch & gorse cuttingnot recorded
Sun 22 Nov 1998Scrub clearance from pond edgePonds S of hibernaculumnot recordedTo improve bat access/flyways.
Sun 20 Dec 1998Birch cuttingWestern end (1A)not recordedMaking glades & widening paths in the wooded block.
Sun 17 Jan 1999Hazel coppicingPeckmoor Copse (2B)not recordedDead hedging around coppice stools as deer protection. Didn't work!
Sun 21 Mar 1999Hazard clearanceWestern endnot recordedRemoving wire, marking post holes & other hazards to cattle, for action.
Sun 18 Apr 1999Guided tour in New ForestNew Forestnot recordedLed by Jonathan Spencer
Thu 17 Jun 1999Nightjar countVarious locationsnot recorded
Sun 17 Oct 1999Bridge buildingStream near Brackenhurst (Aldernbridge Gully)not recordedUsing alder cut down on site.
Sun 21 Nov 1999Field gateS of Basingstoke Road (Bishop's Green)not recorded
Sun 19 Dec 1999Re-coppicing birchCrookham end (6A)not recordedIn Gundry Brothers' area
Sun 20 Feb 2000Hedge layingNear control tower car park10
Sun 19 Mar 2000Birch coppicing15
Tue 06 Jun 2000Nightjar countVarious locations12
Sun 16 Jul 2000Hay cutting2
Sun 20 Aug 2000Footpath clearance (gorse etc.)Crookham end (paths from car park) (6A, 6B)not recordedAlso cleared some birch over-shading heather
Sun 17 Sep 2000Reedmace clearancePonds S of hibernaculum2+1
Sun 15 Oct 2000Waymarking8 (+15 from BTCV)
Sun 26 Nov 2000Tree planting15 (+15 from Rotary Club)National tree-planting week
Sun 17 Dec 2000Coppicing15BBQ afterwards
Sun 21 Jan 2001Coppicing12
Sun 18 Feb 2001Hedge plantingImmediately east of stock area by building 616not recordedThe month may be wrong (it must have been sometime in winter 2000/01)
Sun 15 Jul 2001Ragwort pullingAround building 616 (14, 16, 8A)not recordedBBQ afterwards. Last task with Dominic.
Sun 21 Oct 2001Bat hibernaculum(3E)not recordedOriginal conversion (with Newbury Rotary Club). Month may be wrong.
Sun 18 Nov 2001Tree plantingCommon perimeter near hospital (18)not recordedProvide screen between hospital (& its lighting ) & re-landscaped wetland area
Sun 16 Dec 2001Making bird nest boxesBuilding 616not recorded32 boxes made. Treated timber, metal face plates.
Sun 20 Jan 2002Erecting bird boxesWood pasture S of hibernaculum, woods further Wnot recordedWith 3 members of the bird ringing group. Also cleared scrub from around newt ponds.
Sun 17 Feb 2002Recording bird boxesWood pasture S of hibernaculum, woods further Wnot recordedDetails recorded for inclusion in BTO monitoring statistics.
Sun 17 Mar 2002Cutting birch regrowthNE of pond above Goldfinch Bottom (8C)not recordedStumps not treated.
Sun 21 Apr 2002Clear old military sentry-walkwet area in SE corner (8C)not recordedAlso removed lots of razor wire, metal drums, etc.
Sun 19 May 2002Cutting birch regrowthFurther east from March site (8C)3+2First task with Andy. Also cleared more of the iron sentry walk from the wet area further east.
Sun 16 Jun 2002Cutting gorse etc. from pathsCrookham (6A & 6B)4+1Main path SE from car park, other sections, & some birch overshading heather.
Sun 21 Jul 2002Ragwort pullingStock pen by building 6169+1BBQ afterwards.
Sun 15 Sep 2002Bat hibernaculum(3E)5+1Block tunnel, screen window, seal eaves. Hange curtains, tiles, boxes.
Sun 20 Oct 2002Cutting birch regrowthWestern end (NE corner of 1C)4+1Stumps not treated.
Sun 17 Nov 2002Sycamore clearanceNorth of Goldfinch Bottom (5C)5+1Stumps treated with glyphosate.
Sun 15 Dec 2002Thinning & glade creationPlantations South of BBR (C13)8+1Remove exotics. Glades for cattle shelter. Xmas fayre on bonfire.
Sun 19 Jan 2003Thinning & glade creationPlantations S of BBR (13)7+1Photo for the "Chronicle" free paper.
Sun 16 Feb 2003Re-coppicing birchCrookham, N of central path (6A)9+1Gundry brothers coppice area.
Sun 16 Mar 2003Sycamore clearanceN of BBR (nrs 76-80) (13)9+1+10 scouts & 4 leadersScouts invited by John Parker. Stumps not treated.
Sun 27 Apr 2003Boardwalk constructionBrushwood Gully9+1Good boardwalk but a bit short. Needs extending another time.
Sun 18 May 2003Bracken cuttingW end7+1Too early in the season to achieve any lasting impact
Sun 15 Jun 2003Ragwort pulling & BBQ (evening task)NE corner, S of relandscaped wetland7+1
Sun 20 Jul 2003Himalayan balsam pullingN of pond above Goldfinch Bottom5 + 3 scouts & 2 leadersNo WBC staff
Sat 16 Aug 2003Bracken cuttingEast of Bowdown House access road3+0No WBC staff
Sat 20 Sep 2003Birch & scrub cuttingW end (line of scrub between 2 heat areas)7+2Stumps not treated
Sat 18 Oct 2003Rhododendron clearanceW end (near St Gabriel's School)13+1Laura deputising for Andy
Sun 19 Oct 2003Birch & scrub cuttingBishop's Green (S of Basingstoke Road)7+2Some stumps treated
Sun 14 Dec 2003Thinning & glade creationPlantations S of BBR (13)11+2Remove exotics. Glades for cattle shelter. Xmas fayre on bonfire.
Sun 18 Jan 2004Birch scrub clearanceWest of old silo gate6+9+1With 9 volunteers from BEC
Sun 15 Feb 2004Birch & gorse clearanceMartindale Heath4+1
Sun 21 Mar 2004Birch scrub clearanceWestern end8+7+0With 7 volunteers from BEC
Sun 18 Apr 2004Bramble & bracken clearanceCrookham6+1To create access for spraying bracken later in the year
Sun 16 May 2004Ragwort diggingBioremediation heaps NE of Heads Hill25+08 regulars plus 17 scouts & leaders. Andy on leave.
Sun 20 Jun 2004Footpath clearance, nightjar countPath S from Crookham car park18+1BBQ and nightjar count later
Sun 18 Jul 2004Rural crafts day at Thatcham NDC3+1Trying to get new members (plus car park marshalling duty)
Sun 22 Aug 2004Bracken clearanceCrookham6+1
Sun 19 Sep 2004Clearance for new footpathCrookham, S of road opposite caravan park6+9+1With 9 volunteers from BeC
Sun 17 Oct 2004Thinning & glade creationPlantations S of BBR (13)8+1Remove exotics, esp Italian alder seeding onto relandscaped area
Sun 21 Nov 2004Bonfire & birch clearanceW end (near silo area)5+1Bonfire to burn birch cut by other volunteers
Sun 19 Dec 2004Bonfire & birch/gorse clearanceCrookham (S of car park)15+1Clearing area burned by vandals who set alight our brash pile from June task
Sun 16 Jan 2005Widening ride for white admiralsEast of silo gates13+1Willow, pine, birch. Stumps treated
Sun 20 Feb 2005Tree & scrub clearanceWest of Brackenhurst Lane (nightjar territory)13+1Finishing an area started by BTCV
Sun 20 Mar 2005Brash burning (a), rubbish removal (b)Near fire plane (a) & bank in SE corner (b)12+1Clearing up after racecourse contractors, removing airbase fencing , drums etc.
Sun 17 Apr 2005Soil scraping for heather regenerationMartindale Heath (area recently cleared of birch)8+1About 7 areas ranging from 2 to 25 m2
Sun 15 May 2005Visit to Wallingford Castle Meadows9+1Reserve where Andy used to work
Sat 18 Jun 2005Nightjar count18+1
Sun 19 Jun 2005Ragwort pullingS of BBR opposite Chamberhouse farm land (18)11+1BBQ afterwards
Sun 17 Jul 2005Ragwort cuttingRelandscaped wetland area11+0Steep banks unsuitable for mechanical mowing. Andy on leave
Sun 21 Aug 2005Bracken cuttingSouth of fire plane8+1
Sun 18 Sep 2005Alder coppicibgWet flush below old sentry walk, SE area9+6+0With 6 vols from Basingstoke Conservation Volunteers. Andy on leave.
Sun 16 Oct 2005Balancing pond repairs & clearance(1) near GAMA site, (2) SE corner by boardwalk10+1Sandbags to block cracks & raise outfall dams. Digging out silt from SE pond.
Sun 20 Nov 2005Sycamore, willow & scrub clearanceImmediately S of GAMA site, E of Brackenhurst Lane20 + 1 Plus 2 from Basingstoke C V. Stumps treated with Garlon.
Sun 18 Dec 2005Tree clearance, scalloping woodland edgeW of Brackenhurst Lane18 + 1+ Christmas BBQ
Sun 15 Jan 2006Scrub clearanceEast of pond near Heads Hill17 + 1
Sun 19 Feb 2006Making bird boxesWorkshop17 + 180 boxes made, hole type and open-fronted
Sun 19 Mar 2006Tree felling, footpath clearanceCrookham, near car park18 + 1
Sun 21 May 2006Bracken clearingW of Brackenhurst Lane12 + 1Very wet weather
Sat 04 Jun 2006June JubileeThatcham Nature Discovery Centre
Sun 18 Jun 2006Ragwort pullingNear English Provender10 + 1BBQ afterwards
Sun 16 Jul 2006Ragwort pullingRelandscaped wetland area9 + 1Plus 4 vols from BeC
Sun 20 Aug 2006Bracken cuttingEast of Heads Hill10 + 1Plus 4 vols from Basingstoke C V
Sun 17 Sep 2006Tree cuttingAround ponds south of fire plane16 + 1For digger access re pond expansion. Filmed for BBC South Today
Sun 15 Oct 2006Tree & scrub clearanceIn stream gulley east of Heads Hill12 + 1Plus 13 vols from BeC
Sun 19 Nov 2006Tree clearanceAround footpahs SW of Crookham car park8 + 1Plus 5 vols from BeC
Sun 17 Dec 2006Spreading heather clippingsOn bioremediation areas northeast of Heads Hill10 + 2Plus Christmas BBQ
Sun 21 Jan 2007Tree/scrub clearanceNear Crookham car park9 + 1Plus 7 vols from BTCV
Sun 04 Feb 2007Scrub clearancePigeons Farm6BTCV / Greenham Community Woodland Project event
Sun 18 Feb 2007Gorse clearanceNear Bowdown11 + 1 + 9 BeC5 new vols today!
Sun 18 Mar 2007Birch scrub clearanceSandleford5 + 1, 7 BeC, 3 BCV
Sun 15 Apr 2007Rubbish burning, owl boxWorkshop6 + 1Followed by ponds walk
Sun 20 May 2007Bridge repairGoldfinch Bottom10 + 1
Sun 10 Jun 2007Ragwort pullimgNear English Provender11 + 1BBQ & nightjar count later
Sun 15 Jul 2007Ragwort pullimgNear control tower3Early finish due to rain
Sun 19 Aug 2007Footpath clearanceCrookham9 + 1
Sun 16 Sep 2007Footpath clearanceCrookham14 + 1With flail mower
Sun 21 Oct 2007Gorse clearanceNear English Provender8 + 1Bonfire in workshop yard
Sun 18 Nov 2007Scrub bashingNear Bowdown House10Visit from BBOWT Living Landscapes walkers
Sun 16 Dec 2007Scrub bashingNear GAMA site12 + 1 + 4 BeCChristmas & tenth anniversary barbecue, last task with Andy as Ranger
Sun 20 Jan 2008Scrub bashingSlope near newt ponds10 + 1First task with Adie as Ranger
Sun 17 Feb 2008Tree fellingNorth of Peckmoor Copse11 + 1+ 4 vols from Basingstoke CV, 14 from ATC
Sun 16 Mar 2008Bird boxes, yard tidy-upWorkshop6 + 1Scrub-bashing cancelled due to wet weather
Sun 20 Apr 2008Dormouse boxes, tree tidy-upWorkshop & Control Tower car park11 + 126 boxes made, but not put up
Sun 18 May 2008Building steps (a), erecting dormouse boxes (b)(a) Goldfinch Bottom pond, (b) Peckmoor Copse14 + 0Split into two teams
Sun 15 Jun 2008Ragwort pullingNear Control Tower14 + 1AGM & barbecue later
Sat 20 Jun 2008Nightjar count6 + 1 + others non-GCCVPoor weather. Only 2 territories identified.
Sun 20 Jul 2008Visit to Warburg3 + 1
Sun 17 Aug 2008Installing dragon's teethControl Tower car park3
Sun 21 Sep 2008Scrub-bashingBrackenhurst Heath9 + 1Preparation for weed-wiping
Sun 19 Oct 2008Coppicing & glade creation to enhance shrub layer for dormicePeckmoor Copse13 + 1Also cut & treated rhododendron
Sun 16 Nov 2008Clearing tall birch scrubSandleford Heath7 + 1Preparation for weed-wiping
Sun 21 Dec 2008Clearing tall birch scrubSandleford Heath13 + 1Preparation for weed-wiping. Christmas BBQ
Sun 18 Jan 2009Scrub-bashingBishops Green8 + 1Also removed broken gate
Sun 15 Feb 2009Footpath clearanceNear Bowdown House6 + 1Also removed rubbish
Sun 15 Mar 2009Improving reptile habitatCrookham9
Sun 19 Apr 2009Scrub clearance & fence repairsCrookham9 + 1
Sun 17 May 2009Bird box making, scrub clearanceWorkshop, control tower car park8 + 1Wildlife walk afterwards
Sun 21 Jun 2009Bracken clearancePylon ride east of Heads Hill9 + 1AGM & barbecue afterwards
Sun 19 Jul 2009Ragwort pullingNorth of control tower7 + 2Public event including control tower tours
Sun 16 Aug 2009Boardwalk constructionGoldfinch Bottom8 + 2
Sun 20 Sep 2009Scrub bashingPylon ride east of Goldfinch Bottom10 + 1
Sun 18 Oct 2009Scrub bashingWest of fire plane12
Sun 15 Nov 2009Scrub bashingSandleford Heath9 + 1Creating a gap on the 1c/1b boundary
Sun 13 Dec 2009Scrub bashingMartindale Heath12 + 2Christmas barbecue
Sun 31 Jan 2010Scrub bashingMartindale Heath16 + 1
Sun 21 Feb 2010Hazel coppicingPeckmoor Copse16 + 1
Sun 21 Mar 2010Footpath clearanceE of Heads Hill pond11 + 1
Sat 10 Apr 2010Event: Tenth anniversary of commons' openingControl tower area
Sun 18 Apr 2010Footpath maintenanceS of GAMA site15 + 1
Sun 16 May 2010"Living Landscape" walkWestern route4Led by BBOWT
Sun 20 Jun 2010Pulling Himalayan balsamEast of Thornford Road8 + 1AGM & barbecue afterwards
Sun 18 Jul 2010Balsam bashingEast of Thornford Road12 + 1
Sun 15 Aug 2010Balsam pullingEast of Thornford Road10+ bramble trimming in car park
Sun 16 Sep 2010Gorse & Birch bashingSandleford Heath16 + 1
Sun 17 Oct 2010Scrub bashingBank, south of newt pond15
Sun 21 Nov 2010Tree fellingPlantations near eastern cattle grid13Italian alder and holm oak
Sun 19 Dec 2010Tree fellingPlantations near eastern cattle grid15+2Italian alder and holm oak. Christmas BBQ
Sun 16 Jan 2011Tree and scrub clearanceWet flush south of Cootes track14+1Birch & willow, some gorse
Sun 20 Feb 2011Gorse & scrub clearanceNorth of Bury's Bank Road11+1Plus rubbish clearance
Sun 20 Mar 2011Installing waymark posts"One mile walk" from Pyle Hill car park15+1
Sun 17 Apr 2011Path maintenanceInside gate opposite Pigeons Farm9+1
Sun 15 May 2011Bridge widening, path clearance and installing a benchSleeper bridge near Brackenhurst, bench overlooking Crookham Pools10+1
Sun 19 Jun 2011Visit to Westonbirt Arboretum13+1
Sun 17 Jul 2011Pulling Himalayan balsamEast of Thornford Road7 + 1AGM afterwards
Sun 21 Aug 2011Scrub bashingGoldfinch Bottom7
Sun 18 Sep 2011Scrub bashingGoldfinch Bottom11
Sun 16 Oct 2011Scrub bashingBrackenhurst Heath16
Sun 20 Nov 2011Scrub bashingAldernbridge Heath12+1
Sun 18 Dec 2011Tree & scrub bashingBishop's Green12+1Christmas BBQ
Sun 15 Jan 2012Scrub bashingBishop's Green12+1
Sun 19 Feb 2012Hazel coppicingPeckmoor Copse17+1
Sun 18 Mar 2012Dead hedgingPeckmoor Copse14
Sun 15 Apr 2012Fence repairsPeckmoor Copse etc.11+1
Sun 20 May 2012Scrub bashing and pulling birch seedlingsCrookham9
Sun 17 Jun 2012Boardwalk and waymark refurbishment, footpath clearanceCrookham16+1
Sun 15 Jul 2012Waymark posts refurbishmentCentral area12AGM and barbecue afterwards
Sun 19 Aug 2012Bramble clearance, meadow rakingControl Tower car park9
Sun 16 Sep 2012Scrub clearanceMartindale Heath11Opening up a south-facing bank for reptiles etc.
Sun 21 Oct 2012Scrub clearanceSandleford Heath13+1
Sun 18 Nov 2012Scrub clearanceBishop's Green15+1
Sun 16 Dec 2012Tree & scrub bashingSandleford Heath11+1Christmas BBQ
Sun 20 Jan 2013Task cancelled due to snow
Sun 17 Feb 2013Scrub bashingAldernbridge Heath10+1
Sun 17 Mar 2013Scrub bashingEast of GAMA site4
Sun 21 Apr 2013Footpath drainage improvementsSouth of GAMA site5+1
Sun 19 May 2013Footpath drainage improvementsSouth of GAMA site8+1Also footpath clearance towards Brackenhurst Lane
Sun 16 Jun 2013Timber edging to footpathSouth of GAMA site7+1Also rhododendron clearance
Sun 21 Jul 2013Pulling Himalayan balsamEast of Thornford Road7+1AGM and barbecue afterwards
Sun 18 Aug 2013Clearing dead weed-wiped birchBrackenhurst Heath4
Sun 15 Sep 2013Clearing sycamoreSouth of A339 (subcompartment 4A)8
Sun 20 Oct 2013Clearing sycamoreNorth of Heads Hill (subcompartment 5C)9
Sun 17 Nov 2013Scrub bashingSubcompartment 5D12
Sun 15 Dec 2013Tree & scrub bashingCompartment 510+1Christmas BBQ
Sun 19 Jan 2014Scrub bashingSandleford Heath11+1
Sun 16 Feb 2014Scrub bashingSubcompartment 5D11Connected two glades
Sun 16 Mar 2014Clearing Italian alderCompartment 1318
Sun 27 Apr 2014Fence repairsCompartment 187+1
Sun 18 May 2014Fence and gate maintenanceOld Thornford Road14+1
Sun 15 Jun 2014Fence clearanceSouthern edge of Peckmoor Copse (alongside A339)7+1
Sun 20 Jul 2014Fencing (intermediate posts) and footpath clearanceSubcompartment 17B near Bowdown House7+1AGM and barbecue afterwards
Sun 17 Aug 2014Clearance around seasonal pondsSubcompartment 7D6+1
Sun 21 Sep 2014Clearance around seasonal pondsSubcompartment 7D9+1
Sun 19 Oct 2014Tree clearanceSubcompartment 4B (Bishops Green Heath)12+1
Sun 16 Nov 2014Tree & bracken clearance, heather cuttingSubcompartment 4B (Bishops Green Heath)12+1
Sun 21 Dec 2014Italian alder clearanceCompartment 1410+1Christmas BBQ
Sun 18 Jan 2015Italian alder clearanceCompartment 1413+2
Sun 15 Feb 2015Italian alder & scrub clearance5D/8B boundary8+2BPR
Sun 15 Mar 2015Italian alder & scrub clearance5D/8B boundary7+1
Sun 19 Apr 2015Installing signs and dragon's teethBowdown, Bishops Green, Brackenhurst, car park6+1
Sun 17 May 2015Pothole repairs, signage, path clearanceCrookham car park7+1
Sun 21 Jun 2015Pulling Himalayan balsam5B East of Thornford Road8+1AGM and barbecue afterwards
Sun 19 Jul 2015Gate repairs, bramble cutting, refurbishing storeWorkshop area9+1
Sun 16 Aug 2015Ragwort pulling and hay rakingFlagpole area and Audrey's Meadow10
Sun 20 Sep 2015Arboretum visitNational Trust Winkworth Arboretum11Jointly with WBLL CVs
Sun 18 Oct 2015CoppicingPeckmoor Copse11Plus repairing older dead hedging, burning brash from chainsaw training
Sun 15 Nov 2015Pond dredging, boardwalk mesh, steps repair, footpath clearanceAbove Goldfinch Bottom16+1
Sun 20 Dec 2015Birch and bracken clearanceBishops Green Heath18+1Christmas BBQ
Sun 17 Jan 2015Birch and bracken clearanceBishops Green Heath16
Sun 21 Feb 2016Scrub bashing and heather scrapesSubcompartment 5D13
Sun 20 Mar 2016Tree and scrub clearanceAbove Goldfinch Bottom13
Sun 17 Apr 2016Waymark posts, path clearance, boardwalk maintenanceHeads Hill, Goldfinch Bottom, Brushwood Gully16+1
Sun 15 May 2016Waymark posts, path clearance, removing old signageCompartment 69+1
Sun 19 Jun 2016Pulling small yellow balsam, footpath clearanceCompartments 17 & 610
Sun 17 Jul 2016Footpath clearanceEast of Heads Hill pond8 + 1AGM and barbecue afterwards
Sun 21 Aug 2016Footpath clearance& bracken controlBishops Green Heath13
Sun 18 Sep 2016(1) Footpath clearance, (2) Italian alder removal & gate installation(1) Compartment 6, (2) Estovers12
Sun 16 Oct 2016Footpath clearanceCompartment 613 + 1
Sun 20 Nov 2016Tree and scrub clearanceSubcompartment 5A Martindale12 + 1Plus a party of Scouts
Sun 18 Dec 2016Tree and scrub clearanceSubcompartment 1C Sandleford17 + 1Christmas BBQ
Sun 15 Jan 2017Scrub clearance and heather scrapesSubcompartment 4B Bishops Green Heath8 + 1
Sun 19 Feb 2017Scrub clearanceSubcompartment 7D14 + 2Plus 19 scouts, leaders and parents
Sun 19 Mar 2017Pyle Hill car park Dragon's teeth, sightline clearance, gorse stumpsCompartments 15 & 1113
Sun 23 Apr 2017Fence clearance and repairsSubcompartments 3A & 3B21
Sun 21 May 2017Fire plane pond clearance, footpath clearance, fire beater standSubcompartments 16 & 320
Sun 18 Jun 2017Pyle Hill car park landscaping, path clearancePyle Hill car park & nearby paths13 + 1Plus AGM and barbecue
Sun 16 Jul 2017Car park veg cutback, ragwort pulling, hay makingCar park, east of control tower, Audrey's Meadow14
Sun 20 Aug 2017Fence & gate repairs, gravel track repairsControl Tower car park area & subcompartment 8C10
Sun 17 Sep 2017Footpath & willow scrub clearanceHeads Hill pond area15 + 1
Sun 15 Oct 2017Tree & scrub clearanceAldernbridge Gully5 + 1
Sun 19 Nov 2017Tree & scrub clearanceBalancing pond east of GAMA14 + 1
Sun 17 Dec 2017Tree & scrub clearancePlantation near eastern cattle grid16 + 1Christmas BBQ
Sun 21 Jan 2018Scrub clearanceCable ride in subcompartment 5C13
Sun 18 Feb 2018Scrub clearanceCable ride in subcompartment 5C19
Sun 18 Mar 2018Dragon's teeth, railing, scrapingPyle Hill car park6 + 1Very snowy weather
Sun 15 Apr 2018Clearing fire plane pond, path clearance, marking a butterfly transectFire plane area17
Sun 20 May 2018Fence clearance and repairsControl tower car park area13
Sun 17 Jun 2018Gate post, painting, path clearanceControl tower car park area9 + 1Plus AGM and barbecue
Sun 15 Jul 2018Fence clearance & repairs, path clearance, bracken cuttingPeckmoor Copse16
Sun 19 Aug 2018Box strainer repairs & path clearanceOpposite Pigeons Farm footpath11+ 1
Sun 16 Sep 2018Pond clearance & boardwalk repairHeads Hill pond7
Sun 21 Oct 2018Birch scrub clearanceMartindale Heath21
Sun 18 Nov 2018Birch scrub clearance, bracken litter clearance, scrapesBishops Green Heath13
Sun 16 Dec 2018Birch & Italian alder clearanceCrookham Pools23Christmas BBQ
Sun 20 Jan 2019Birch clearance & bracken thatch removal5C next to Cootes track18
Sun 20 Feb 2019Birch clearance & bracken thatch removal5C next to Cootes track12 + 1Plus 19 scouts, leaders and parents
Sun 17 Mar 2019Footpath clearance & boardwalk repair5C & 5D10
Sun 28 Apr 2019Footpath clearance, drainage, pond dam & bridge repair5C17
Sun 19 May 2019Footpath clearance, fence repair, heather scrapesBowdown12
Sun 16 Jun 2019Footpath, boardwalk, steps & info board maintenance, clearing hemlock water dropwortAudrey's Meadow7
Sun 21 Jul 2019Bracken thatch clearanceBishops Green8
Sun 18 Aug 2019Himalayan balsam, rebuilding an info lecternCompartments 5B & 67